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At Graceville Addiction Counseling we provide individual and family therapy for teens and young adults helping them understand how serious substance abuse is and how dangerous and deadly addiction can be. We have been helping young people understand where their use of drugs or alcohol can lead by providing them with addiction education and facts to help them change destructive behaviors and avoid serious addiction.

The use of drugs and alcohol today is more prevalent among teens and young adults than ever before. The availability of prescription drugs, over the counter medications, designer drugs, and alcohol makes it easy for young people to experiment with substance abuse even though parents let their children know how serious substance abuse can be. Prescription drugs and over the counter medications are not illegal so many young people today think it's ok to experiment with them and because they're prescribed drugs, they think they're safer.

We help young people set healthy goals for their future by providing them with the tools they need to succeed, make positive choices, and the skills needed to avoid destructive behaviors. Through family therapy parents and their teens are able to build healthy communication skills and rebuild trust which brings the family closer together.

Substance abuse affects the entire family unit and we help our clients understand addiction, set positive goals for their future, develop strengths and the skills needed to make good choices and empower their future.

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