GulfPort Alcohol Abuse Rehabilitation

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At GulfPort we offer our clients 30 day alcohol rehabilitation treatment providing Detoxification, 12 step work programs and counseling to help our clients stop drinking and maintain sobriety. Our clients are men and women who are in need of help, guidance, and healing due to the effects alcohol has had on their lives. Programs during treatment include 12 Step support group meetings because connecting with others going through the same challenges helps the healing process. Applying the 12 steps and principles in our lives brings inner peace and spiritual healing as well.

Many challenges are faced when a person stops drinking alcohol, withdrawal symptoms can sometimes be difficult emotionally and physically. We help our clients by minimizing uncomfortable symptoms like anxiety, agitation, shakiness, and depression. Everyone goes through detox sharing many of the same withdrawal symptoms but at their own pace. We make sure our clients are safe and comfortable during this process.

Individual counseling sessions provides our clients with the help, guidance, and support they need as they take responsibility for their past drinking behaviors and set positive goals for their future. Relapse can take place very easily so it's important that our clients understand addiction and be prepared with positive skills to help avoid situations that can trigger a setback. Sobriety can become challenging during times of stress which is unavoidable sometimes throughout life. We help our clients with positive stress reduction skills to better prepare themselves for unforeseen problems in the future.

You too can heal from the symptoms and effects of alcoholism, maintain sobriety and reach your future goals one step at a time. You don't have to go it alone, we're here to help you every step of the way.

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