Mason Town Heroin Detox Center

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Providing effective and comfortable detoxification and long term recovery for men and women suffering from heroin addiction is what we're passionate about at Mason Town Heroin Detox Center. We provide our patients with the emotional support and effective treatment they need to recover in our residential heroin detox facility. Recovery from addiction doesn't have to be uncomfortable nor does it have to be fearful. Our staff not only understands what your needs are at this time but realize what it takes to successfully manage long term recovery.

We understand how difficult it is for a person recovering from heroin addiction and how uncomfortable the detoxification process can be. Detoxification is a necessary first step to take in order to successfully manage abstinence while working toward recovery from heroin addiction. We provide our clients with Suboxone treatment relieving the uncomfortable symptoms of heroin withdrawal and eliminating the cravings with can lead to relapse.

Suboxone is a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone that's effectively used during treatment for opioid addiction which also includes prescription pain pill dependence. Our licensed staff of physicians, counselors, and therapists helps our patients manage their sobriety while working toward long term recovery. Everyone's needs are different during heroin detox as well as their treatment needs for recovery. Each client receives individualized treatment and therapy making sure that all areas of addiction are addressed, such as the psychological, emotional, and physical effects of the disease.

We provide our clients with Individualized comprehensive treatment, Suboxone Treatment, Individualized therapy, support groups and addiction education to help them recover from heroin addiction and live a drug free life.

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