Postfalls Inhalant & Huffing Treatment Center

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906 Harris Street Ste F

Alamance County - Burlington, North Carolina 27217

Our Postfalls Inhalant Center is a 30 day inpatient program providing education and therapy for adolescents and teens that use inhalants to get high. Our structured treatment program provides young people with:

  1. Individual Therapy
  2. Family Counseling
  3. Group Therapy and Education
  4. Negative and Positive Peer Pressure Education
  5. Stress Related Coping Skills

More people than you may realize are abusing inhalants today, especially adolescents. Our mission is to educate young people about the extremely serious physical and psychological dangers involved with inhalant intoxication by providing them with knowledge and facts associated with huffing toxic substances. Most people don't understand that sniffing solvents or aerosol's can result in sudden sniffing death no matter how healthy they are. This can happen at any time, even the first time a young person experiments with inhalants.

So many adolescents and teens are influenced by friends or their peers and experiment with drugs because they do or because they feel the need to fit in. There are also many young people who are looking for ways to cover up depression, difficulties in school or problems in their home. Part of the reason young people choose inhalants to get high is because they are so easy to get and they're legal. Most every home has products like lighter fluid, paint thinner, gasoline, computer cleaning products, correction fluids, electronic contact cleaner and glues which are items used to get high.

With knowledge and support young people learn to make good positive choices, set realistic goals for their future, and grow up feeling good about themselves without the need of mind altering substances.

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