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If you, someone you love, or someone you know are in need of help with substance abuse or addiction our Richmond Addiction Recovery program can help. Street drugs, prescription drugs and alcohol are widely abused today and most people are unable to stop on their own. Because everyone's addiction is different and unique we provide our patients with Inpatient Addiction and Recovery treatment and Outpatient Addiction and Recovery treatment depending on their needs.

Our outpatient addiction treatment is very beneficial and effective for people with less severe substance abuse issues. Outpatient treatment allows our client's to remain in their homes, continue employment, and receive substance abuse treatment and therapy at the same time. After detoxification is completed attending group meetings, addiction education and individual therapy helps our clients remain substance free while they work toward recovery.

Our inpatient treatment program provides clients with more intense addiction issues medication assisted detoxification, a safe environment needed to stop using substances, work through important issues, and receive the education and knowledge needed to avoid relapse and work toward a successful recovery. Our residents receive full assessments, individualized treatments, individual, group and family therapy. A lot of focus is put on preventing relapse by providing our clients with helpful strategies for coping with stress and depression.

We have a unique staff of physicians, therapists and addiction counselors who help our clients succeed and go on to live happy substance free lives. We can make a difference in your life or someone you know that's in need of help. Addiction is a treatable disease and with the right support and effective tools you too can overcome your alcohol or drug addiction and experience happiness again.

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