Rosevalley Gambling Addiction Support Group

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1050 Airport Rd. Ste 107

Orange County - Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514

Gambling is a progressive addiction that continues to get worse because the compulsive thoughts and behaviors don't get better on their own. What starts out as occasional fun and enjoyment progresses quickly for most people either chasing losses or after the exhilaration of a big win. In time, many men and women who are compulsive gamblers plan their days or weeks around gambling and pull themselves away from family and responsibilities.

Not only can gambling addiction create financial problems or financial ruin but can be responsible for broken relationships or serious problems in the home. Rosevalley gambling addiction support group consists of men and women who are compulsive gamblers and want to stop. Men and women come together sharing their experiences, challenges, and success offering support and wisdom to others seeking recovery as well.

We understand there's no cure for gambling addiction and that we will never be able to control our gambling behavior. We all have admitted to ourselves and others that we have a gambling problem and want to stop. By coming together we realize that we're not alone, we will never be able to gamble occasionally or regain control, but we can receive strength and support from others maintaining a gambling free lifestyle. What we learn through group support is that it's possible to stop gambling, rebuild our lives, and manage our recovery.

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