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There are many people today seeking help for their dependence to substances like drugs or alcohol because the effects of substance abuse is destroying their lives or already has. Many of our clients have lost their jobs, relationships, and even their health due to substance abuse and addiction. We help young and older adults get to the bottom of underlying issues that may be fueling their use of drugs or alcohol.

It's important that a person understands addiction and what it takes to stop using, maintain abstinence and successfully manage their recovery. Addiction is very complex and everyone's needs, challenges, and problems are different. Our team of professional licensed addiction therapists works with our clients individually providing support, education, and cognitive behavior therapy to help adult men and women change their destructive behaviors concerning drug and alcohol use.

We help our clients maintain abstinence by focusing on prevention, making sure they understand the necessary steps that have to be taken in order to prevent relapse. Attention needs to be focused on areas of their life that could trigger a relapse and need to be avoided when all possible. Sometimes people, places, thoughts, and stress can't always be avoided so we focus on positive coping skills that can help to prevent relapse down the road. Give us a call, together we can make a difference.

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