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Marijuana is one of the most commonly used drugs today and the most common drug young people experiment with first. Many of our clients that are suffering with symptoms of depression and anxiety due to marijuana use and the amount of people seeking treatment for marijuana addiction is increasing. Long term repeated use of marijuana can lead to addiction and many people suffer withdrawal symptoms when they stop. At Westport Marijuana Addiction Center we help people overcome their use of marijuana in our outpatient addiction center with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and individual counseling.

Marijuana use is very common among teens and young adults, some start out experimenting with marijuana to see what it's like. Some young people start out using marijuana to help with symptoms of anxiety or depression as a way of coping. Many long term marijuana users find that when they're not using they become more depressed and need to repeat their use. Unfortunately high doses of marijuana can cause paranoia or panic attacks in many people.

We can help you overcome addiction to marijuana, develop positive ways to cope with stress, anxiety and depression, and recover.

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