Winthrop Drug Abuse Counseling Center

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At Winthrop Drug Abuse Counseling Center we want to help people change their lives, stop their need for mind altering substances, and begin to live again. When a person uses drugs or alcohol most of the time they're using them to cope with underlying problems that haven't been dealt with and as a result they find alternative ways to feel better. Not everyone uses substances for the same reasons but stress and depression are commonly part of the reasons.

Through thorough evaluations we help our clients understand their use and need for alcohol or drugs in their life and together find positive and healthy ways to resolve problems and issues associated with their substance use. It's very common for a person to have mood disorders like major depression or bipolar disorder and not even realize it. Some people begin using substances at an early age managing these symptoms on their own without professional medical help.

Our counselors are here to help teens, young adults and older adults break free from the use of drugs and alcohol in their life and we can help you too. Get the help you need to get your life back on track and achieve the goals you want for your future, give us a call and start living again.

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